Randy Rainbow at The Criterion

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The Criterion | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Randy Rainbow

Did you ever think something really bad about a stranger in public? A thought that surprised you because your mom didn’t raise you to think like that? That’s okay, we all have, and comedians capitalize on it. It’s easy not to feel like a terrible person when the comedian bares it all onstage and throws their worst thoughts out into the world. If they can make a joke about the most downtrodden things in the world, and still be thought of as a good person and show their humanity, your mean comment to your roommate won’t feel as catastrophic, trust us.

Whenever Oklahoma City wants an evening of hilarious laughter and entertainment, many of them race to see what performers the The Criterion has managed to line up. This venue has a history of hosting some of the hottest comedians around, with both local and national talent taking to the stage for evenings cheek-aching laughter. But, the awesome acts aren’t the only reason to come visit this awe-inspiring Oklahoma City venue. Your ticket also brings that step closer to the action by removing any stress of going to an event, offering sufficient parking right around the block and a location that’s close to some of the highest-rated restaurants in Oklahoma. So, if you want to see Randy Rainbow live on Thursday 4th April 2024, there’s no better venue for an evening of hysterical laughter. Pick up your tickets today through this website!

Randy Rainbow at The Criterion

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