Chris Tucker at The Criterion

Chris Tucker Tickets

The Criterion | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Chris Tucker

Trying to buy tickets to a show for November? This could be just the thing! Comedy fan? Or Just a hardcore Chris Tucker fanatic? Whatever the weather, the fall, 2023 tour has something you'll love. Chris Tucker is renowned for being one of the most hilarious comedies on the scene and this is looking like one of the best Tuesday evenings of your whole year.....imagine yourself and your friends sitting in tears of laughter this November, its just incredible, you'll LOVE it! Chris Tucker will be hosted by The Criterion Oklahoma, Oklahoma City on Tuesday 7th November 2023 and tickets to the event can be purchased via this site right away. See the 'GET TICKETS' link? Follow it to buy immediately!

Have you heard the phrase "Laughter is an instant vacation"? Well that is what Chris Tucker is renowned for. Leave your troubles and irritations at the door. There is no better way to de-stress than by lapping up a belly-full of laughs by Chris Tucker. The The Criterion has hosted many comedy legends over the years and is excited to host a evening full of witty observations and edgy punchlines - Chris Tucker will have you rolling in the aisles in fits of giggles. Early ticket purchases also come with a special extra smile. So secure your tickets today!

Chris Tucker at The Criterion

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